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Unit 5: Illiteracy - Reading

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Read the passage and then do the tasks that follow.

By July 2000, sixty-one provinces and cities throughout Vietnam had completed the programmes of “Universalisation of Primary Education” and “Illiteracy Eradication". However, by that time, only 94% of the population was able to read and write. This meant that more work had to be done to eradicate illiteracy in the country.

In the summer of 2000. the Vietnam Society of Learning Promotion started a campaign for illiteracy eradication. In the campaign, six hundred ethnic minority students from the northern highlands were asked to provide reading and writing skills to 1.200 illiterate people living in their home villages. In 2001, eight hundred volunteer students took part in the campaign. The number of people receiving reading and writing lessons reached 4,623. This was an effective way to help people in remote and mountainous areas to read and write.

Those students who took part in the fight against illiteracy considered it an honorable job to help people in their home villages. They voluntarily spent their summer vacations teaching illiterate people to read and write. Some even prepared relevant materials for their classes. They talked about new farming techniques and family planning. Before they left, they promised to come back the next summer.

The fight against illiteracy continued in the summer of 2002. This time the Vietnam Society of Learning Promotion decided to expand its activities to the central mountainous provinces. At present, the number of illiterate people in the remote and mountainous areas is gradually decreasing. It is hoped that illiteracy will soon be eradicated in our country as more and more people are taking part in the struggle against it.

Task 1. Find the Vietnamese equivalent to the following expressions.

(Tìm từ tương đương với tiếng Việt cho các từ ngữ dưới đây.)

1. Universalisation of Primary Education:

2. The Vietnam Society of Learning Promotion:

3. illiteracy eradication :

4. Farming techniques :

5. Family planning :

Task 2. Which of the choices A, B, C or D most adequately sums up the whole passage?

A. The programme of  “ Universalisation of Primary Education" in Vietnam.

B. Illiteracy rates in Vietnam.

C. Ethnic minority students’ education programme.

D. The fight against illiteracy.

Task 3. Answer the questions.

1. What was the rate of literacy in Vietnam in 2000?

2. What campaign was started by the Vietnam Society of Learning Promotion?

3. How many students participated in the campaign in 2000 and how many in 2001?

4. What did the students do to help eradicate illiteracy?

5. What will happen if more and more people take part in the struggle against illiteracy?


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Unit 5: Illiteracy - Reading
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