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Unit 4_Caring for those in need_Lesson 3 Reading

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Lesson 3: Reading
Teacher: Võ Thị Thanh Thúy + Võ Thị Thúy
Class: 11
Length: 25 minutes
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
  • get information about how to help people in need.
  • know words and phrases related to attitudes to disabled people and community activities.
  • develop reading skill: scanning, skimming
  • have responsible attitude towards helping people with disabilities.
Topic Time Content
Greetings 1m Greetings
Warm-up 1m - Warm-up
- Watch a video and guess the topic of the lesson
(Video warm-up attached)
A:  Helping the community
B: Outdoor team building activities
C: Disabilities Access Symbols
Lead-in 5m Drag and drop the words to their places. WHO EACH SYMBOL IS FOR
Keys suggested
People with mobility impairments/ disabilities.
People with visual impairments/ disabilities.
People with hearing impairments/ disabilities.
People with speech impairments/ disabilities.

Before reading
8m Activity 1: Take a look at new vocabularies
- energetic
- enthusiastically
- slogan
- support
- involve
Flip the words to see the meanings
Activity 2: Match the following items with their descriptions.
Do a quiz
Activity 3: Choose whether the statement is true or false
Enthusiastically means “ phấn khởi, hăng hái, nhiệt tình”
Keys suggested: TRUE
Activity 4:  Drag and drop the words to their places
Keys suggested:
1. support
2. involve
3. enthusiastically
4. slogan
5. energetic
While reading 10 Activity 1: Identify the main idea of a paragraph
Choose the appropriate heading for each paragraph. There are three possible headings shown. Which one suits this paragraph the most?
Keys suggested:
Paragraph 1: Friends’ support brings joy
Paragraph 2: Happiness comes from giving to others
Paragraph 3: Set a record on Christmas day
Activity 2: Read the report and answer the questions
1. Did Lien makes friends with some students with reading disabilities? ( Yes, she did.)
2. What does she do to help these students to read? ( She has decided to record popular books for these stdudents)
3. What is the campaign slogan of class 11B? ( A gift for everyone)
4. How can students with mobility disabilities participate Christmas day held by class 11B? ( They dress up as Santa Claus and help to give gifts to the kids.)
Activity 3 : Choose the correct words to fill in the blanks in the sentences
1. The students at Nguyen Van Troi School will give the gifts to students with ______  in Ho Chi Minh City.
A. class monitor B. disabilities     
C. their friendsD. their answers
2. One class monitor has decided to ______ popular books for students with reading abilities.
A. enjoy         B. offer                     
C. record        D. realise
3. Another class monitor believes that disabilities should not prevent people from ______  fully in our community’s life.
A. helping      B. giving                   
C. leading      D. participating
4. Another class monitor has thought of an interesting activity, where students will make a ______  Yule Log cake to celebrate Christmas.
A. delicious      B. record-breaking        
C. long         D. perfect
5. The three class monitors will try to make this Christmas ______  for their friend with disabilities.
A. unforgetable       B. interested       
C. longest       D. energetics
After reading   Activity 4: Watch a video and answer the question:
What can we do to help orphans by COVID 19?
Suggested answers
Offer them gifts
Give them encouragement
Read books for them
Listen to their problems
Reference    English 11 course book
 iSpring Suite 10, Camtasia software
 Images and Videos on the Internet: Google.com, Youtube.com
 Volunteer photos by Nhan Ai Social Club

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Chương trình bài giảng Tiếng Anh lớp 11Unit 4 Caring for those in needLesson 3 Reading
Unit 4_Caring for those in need_Lesson 3 Reading
Thuộc chủ đề:
Học liệu số
Gửi lên:
Lớp 11
Môn học:
Tiếng Anh
Tải về:
Thông tin tác giả
Võ Thị Thúy, Võ Thị Thúy
Họ và tên:
Võ Thị Thúy, Võ Thị Thúy
Đơn vị công tác:
Trường THPT Chuyên Lê Khiết
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