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Unit 3 Wild life - Lesson 1: Vocabulary

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Cư Pui Junior High School
English – IT group
Teacher: Nguyễn Khánh Trình

Lesson 1: Vocabulary – Animals
English 6 - Friends Plus 6 book
Execution time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives
1. Knowledge
- Identify some animals;
- Use verbs: communicate, jump, survive.
2. Competences
- Simply talk about the animals;
- Identify the sentences stress.
3. Qualities
- Love and take care of animals.
II. Teaching aids and materials
1. Softwares
- Microsoft Power point
- Ispring suite 10
- Capcut android version
2. Materials:
- Friends plus 6 student book
- Friends plus 6 teacher book
- Images from Google.com
- Videos from Youtube.com
- Game creating by using Wordwall.net
- Assignment checking by using Padlet.com
3. Learning aids
- Wed browsers ( Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox...)
- Internet access device
- Headphone
- Friends plus 6 student book
- Notebook, pen, pencil, ruler
III. Teaching process:
1. Activity 1: Warm-up
a. Aim: Remind students of vocabulary about animals. Encourage students to get ready for the new lesson.
b. Content: Vocabulary about animals
c. Products: Students identify names of animals as many as they can.
d. Steps:
#1: Teacher introduces the activity, shows 10 pictures and sets the time.
#2: Students try to identify names of animal and write down paper in 30 seconds.
#3: Teacher shows all animal names.
#4: Teacher leads students to the new lesson.
2. Activity 2: Provide new content/ Complete the tasks. (Section 4 in the student book has been assigned to students to prepare in advance at home).
a. Aim: help students: grasp vocabulary related to the topic of the lesson; identify sentence stress.
b. Content: - Vocabulary about animals: bat, butterfly, camel, crocodile, eagle, giraffe, gorilla, octopus, ostrich, panda, rat; Verbs: communicate, jump, survive.
- Basic understanding of sentence stress.
c. Product: Students recognize the meaning, type, pronunciation, and usage of words; Understand about sentence stress.
d. Steps:
#1: Teacher organizes students to complete the task 4 and 5 in the students book.
#2: Students join in the quiz individually. Teacher releases comments about each task.
#3: Teacher asks and guides students to listen and complete the tasks 1 and 2 in the students book.
#4: Students join in the quiz individually. Teacher releases comments about each task.
#5: Teacher asks students to listen, repeat and identify the sentence stresses.
#6: Students listen and complete the task 3 directly in the book. Teacher show answer keys and talk about the funtion of sentence stress.
3. Activity 3: Reinforcement exercise
a. Aim: Help students reinforce what they learnt in the before activites.
b. content: Students play game to quick check the word and phrases.
c. Products:  Students play game through a link to wordwall.
d. Steps:
#1: Teacher creates a game link for students to play game.
#2: Students play game individually.
#3: The teacher summarizes the results and concludes.
4. Activity 4: Language reproduction through practice
a. Aim: Students can use language knowledge and content learned to talk animals they like and understand an animal’s description.
b. Content: Students record short clip; do the task 6 in student book.
c. Products: An oral presentation about a favorite animal.
d. Steps:
#1: Teacher assigns students to perform the talk at home and record a personal video then post on the Padlet; asks students to complete the task 6.
#2: Students follow the request, upload the file to Padlet.
#3: The teacher checks the students' work and sends feedback to the students; students watch friends’ videos and leave comments

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Giáo án điện tử môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6 sách Friends plusUnit 3: Wild Life - Lesson 1: Vocabulary - AnimalsKính gửi BTC và Kính chào Quý Thầy Cô.
Unit 3 Wild life - Lesson 1: Vocabulary
Thuộc chủ đề:
Học liệu số
Gửi lên:
Lớp 6
Môn học:
Tiếng Anh
Tải về:
Thông tin tác giả
Nguyễn Khánh Trình
Họ và tên:
Nguyễn Khánh Trình
Đơn vị công tác:
Trường THCS Cư Pui
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